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Been in a motor vehicle accident? MAY 27/2017 WHIPLASH BOOT CAMP

Frank McDiarmid

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Dr. McDiarmid has been in full-time clinical practice for well over 20 years. In that time frame he has pursued a very specific set of academic credentials. What is not known by many people is that chiropractors have the highest degree of formal academic training, of any health care discipline, in the diagnosis and application of what is termed conservative treatment (meaning less than surgery) when it comes to diagnosing and treating spinal injuries.

He is one of a very small handful of health care providers, in all of Canada, who are  able to qualify as an expert witness in Crash Reconstruction. What that means is he can testify about how the specifics of the crash you were involved in contributed to the specifics of your injury(s), something never before possible in Canada, let alone on Vancouver Island. The way it works in court is those formally trained in crash reconstruction are not permitted to discuss your injuries and those formally trained in treating your injuries are not permitted to discuss the specifics of your crash and how it related to your injuries. I realize it sounds a little confusing, but that is how it is. Well, those days are now over!  Having a single person able to testify about the specifics of the crash,  the specifics of your injury(s), combined with how your body’s tissues respond to trauma (termed biomechanics) makes for a much more cohesive presentation of your injury(s) along with how and why they occurred.

Fact, the number one reason vehicle collision related injury cases fail, not to mention achieve minimal settlements, is the inability to connect the specifics of the crash to the specifics of the injury(s). It is for that reason that his services are sought out by some of the top personal injury law firms on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland. There is no correlation between a person’s risk of injury-amount of vehicle damage-collision speed-risk of having chronic symptoms, involving car crashes that occur at less than 40 km/h (25 mph). Vehicle damage, or lack thereof, is not a recognized metric to determine whether or not a person should have been injured or not. The fact of the matter is you have a greater chance of being injured in a collision that occurs at less than 10 mph than greater than 10 mph, completely opposite to common sense. Do not tolerate anyone telling you that you could not have been injured because of a lack of vehicle damage, especially if they have a vested interest in minimizing your claim.  I am not saying just because you were in a lower speed collision you have to be injured. It takes the properly trained healthcare provider to perform a comprehensive examination, coupled with the formal training in crash metrics and biomechanics, to make that determination, something Dr. McDiarmid been doing for well over 20 years.

He received Advanced Certification, from the Spinal Research Institute of San Diego. The Institute is widely recognized as one of North America’s top teaching facilities in the area of whiplash biomechanics and injury traumatology. As a member of the Canadian Society of Chiropractic Evaluators he regularly performs independent evaluations of crash related injuries.

Dr. McDiarmid conducts the only classes in British Columbia that discuss injuries resulting from side and rear-impact collisions that occur at less than 40 km/h (25 mph). Those crashes account for approximately 70% of all of ICBC’s claims. Classes are for the general public and professional organizations. The calibre is such that the classes qualify as Continuing Professional Development with the Law Society of British Columbia and as Continuing Educational credits with a number of health care disciplines. It is highly likely your lawyer and or health care provider(s) have attended Dr. McDiarmid’s classes.

Because of his interest in sports, Dr. McDiarmid, in 1996 he received his Fellowship in sports injuries, from the Royal Chiropractic College of Sports Sciences (Canada). Prior to moving his office to Victoria, he practiced in the office that treated the Vancouver Canucks along with a multitude other high calibre athletes and ‘weekend athletes’. City Centre Chiropractic is four blocks north of City Centre Park, the largest recreational complex on Vancouver Island.

Finally, for members of the general public, he offers a complimentary (no fee) review of the crash and how it relates to your injuries. Simply call the office (778-440-1828) to arrange an appointment and remember to bring every document related to the collision. He will be happy to review the material and show areas your case could be improved upon. As the expression goes Forewarned is Forearmed. It is what you don’t know that all too often does more damage to your case than what you do know.

Co-author of the first-place research paper for the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) in 1991: A Pilot Investigation of the Effects of the Aquarius Low Back Support on the OSWESTRY Index, Intensity of Symptoms, and on the Pressure Threshold Sensitivity of Chiropractic students with Low Back Pain. (FCER Grant # 91-SR-16