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Been in a motor vehicle accident? MAY 27/2017 WHIPLASH BOOT CAMP

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Frank McDiarmid D.C. FCCSS(Canada) has been in full-time practice for over 25 years, the majority of which has been in Victoria. In 1996 he received his Fellowship from the Royal Chiropractic College of Sports Sciences (Canada) thereby having chiropractic’s highest academic acreditation in the field of sports injuries in Canada. He is also a member of the Canadian Society of Chiropractic Evaluators thereby being accredited for performing independent third party assessments for neuromusculoskeletal injuries. Dr. McDiarmid has been qualified as an expert witness, in BC Supreme Court, in both chiropractic healthcare and biomechanics. That said, he holds the only classes in British Columbia regarding whiplash with a particular emphasis on Low Speed Rear-Impact Collision (when there is minimal to no damage to the struck vehicle). Classes are held 4-8 times a year, are free of charge, attended by lawyers and other health care professionals as well as members of the public. Simply call our office if you would like to be placed on the recall list for the next class.

Dr. McDiarmid splits his time between City Centre Chiropractic(Langford) and Quadra Chiropractic(Victoria) with the intent of moving his entire practice to the Langford office over the course of the next two to three years. He appreciates your understanding of the splitting of his office hours between the two locations, and looks forward to seeing you at either location.