Private Fee Rate:

City Centre Chiropractic’s fees are:

$90.00 for the initial visit

$60.00 for subsequent visits

City Centre Chiropractic accepts, and processes most of the commonly used extended health plans. The following is a sample of just a few of the plans we are able to accept. All you have to pay is the portion of the user fee, we do the rest!

Great West Life
Sun Life
Standard Life
Green Shield
Pacific Blue Cross
Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Johnson Insurance
Johnson Group/Maximum Benefit
Chamber of Commerce Group

Pre-Paid Plans

City Centre Chiropractic does not offer pre-paid plans, payment is on a per treatment basis with no pre-paid fees expected.


As an active Worksafe BC claim there is no user fee


Dr. Russell is enrolled in a new program between ICBC and the chiropractors of the province. Should you choose to participate, as a patient under the program, you do not pay a user fee. The coverage, under the program, continues until you either sign off your claim with ICBC or you undergo 2 re-evaluations and there is no change in your condition.

Should you choose not to participate, as a patient under the new program, we can still treat you as before, re. you pay a $20.00 user fee every treatment. The choice as to whether or not you participate in the new program is up to you. The benefits to the program is it essentially removes the Adjustor’s involvement as to how many treatments the claimant can receive, an area of much contention before the introduction of the program.

It should be noted that almost all extended care plans reimburse all or part of the fee paid to the office.

British Columbia MSP Coverage:

if a person’s NET income is below $29,000.00 they receive 10 subsidized visits with a user fee of $30.00 paid by the patient at each visit. After the 10th visit the cost will be $50.00 per visit.
BC Medical Website

Extended Coverage:

Private Insurance Company clients on our current listing of companies pay only their portion of the treatment fee. Our office handles all of the paperwork regarding seeking reimbursement of insured portion!